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Los Angeles Aiki Kai

One who wishes to go along the creative road of the Universe should study the reality of the Universe with his body and mind united. Like the changing of the seasons which is one of the phases the Universe has, man also has various feelings I.E. joy, anger, pity, pleasure, etc. At any moment you should follow the law of the Universe.

Everything in the world shares by nature the same spirit with the Universe. All natural phenomena, both physical and mental,come from one thing. It is one of the duties charged to those who practice Aikido that they should polish day by day the spirit shared with the Universe so that their relationship with others may be in peace and every person in the world may rejoice to live.

The way of the warrior is to give life to all things, to reconcile the world, and to foster the completion of everyone’s mission. All Aikido trainees should have minds united with that of the Universe and help God succeed in revealing His mind over the earth.